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First Steps – How To Turn Your Love Of Words Into Written Expression

book writing www.maryhumpreycoaching.comHave you always wanted to write a book? I believe there is no better time than now to step into publishing your own book.

If you have a story to tell, and most of us do, I urge you to begin your writing project today.

My story: I deplored English and Language class as a child, and even though I loved to read I scored poorly in Reading comprehension. Later in life, I realized that my journal keeping, in combination with the books that I penned and commonly threw away, were the sign of a passion that I needed to fulfill. I simply had an imagination, like an artist that saw the world in unique colors. I approached the concept of writing step by step, and now I have several books and published stories under my belt.

I am thrilled to teach others, through my coaching, how to pursue this craft. We all have room to perfect our writing skills, and that does happen with practice, study, and a lot of reading, meaning, read everything that you can get your hands on — each and every day. Reading helps a writer identify writing styles, proper grammar, spelling, and it sharpens the writer’s editing skills. If you have a fear of public writing, try these steps:

  • Journal – keep a personal journal (I share my thoughts here via The Art and Craft of Journaling)
  • Blog – publish posts on a frequent basis, 500 words or less per post (write about your favorite topics, passions, family, and friends — blog writing helps to gain an audience and creates a level of confidence)
  • Short stories – submit your stories to online (or in print) magazines and publications
  • Comments – leave comments on writing blogs or online group threads (expose yourself to other writers, and get in the habit of making a presence in writing)
  • Mentor – find a mentor, or identify several writers that you admire (follow their social media posts, articles, and other media — which will help you determine the style of author that you would like to be, or possibly not be)

My biggest piece of advice to you, the one that still has not started writing your book, write it! Release your love of words or written expression from bondage!

Signature Mary L Humphrey

Today’s choices paint tomorrow’s masterpieces.

What has been your experience with writing? Do you plan to write a book? Is writing a part of your life dreams or plans?


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