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5 Valuable Types of Journal Keeping

Do you keep a journal?

maryhumphreycoaching journal writingI ventured into journal writing in my pre-teen years. I wrote about animals, ideas, daily life, and I wrote random thoughts of my future on paper. My future dreams were to be a nurse, farmer (reflects my deep love for animals), or an interior designer. My notebook paper journals included drawings of domestic and farm animals, as well as furniture settings in carefully measured down-to-scale rooms. Years later, I realized the joy that I felt when I painted my dreams onto paper was far more valuable than what met my eyes. I worked through problems and I set goals. Resolve and unlocking of thoughts through self-discussion blossoms from journal writing.

There is far more than five valuable types of journal keeping, but today I share these as a start:

Entrepreneur journal – Record your observations after you meet with a client, after your day ends, or whenever your thoughts are rich with fresh ideas. This article posted on Entreprenear.com is spot-on, “it’s also a wonderful tool to help us analyze where we are at and where we want to go.” By logging actions steps, we keep a diary of what we have done, and later we can reflect back (analyze) what did or did not work. This works, trust me, it does work.

Health journal – What did you eat? What form and amount of exercise did you complete? Later, when you are happy with your results (or not) you will have a method for determining what worked and what did not. Additional benefits —  a record that helps you identify trigger foods, and a log of when and what boosted vitality.

Personal journal – Helps to clarify relationships. I find myself writing, describing how I am irritated at a loved one, or confused about a co-worker, and suddenly I realize that I am being unfair, or I uncover an understanding of where I should be in my thinking. In our busy lives, writing is a quiet way to sort out what often seems impossible.

A personal journal is also a meditation tool. My journal is a place where I empty out my thoughts, random or otherwise, and as I write I am carried off deep into the wilderness of my mind. Scary, right? Not so much. I find answers, I find peace, and I find where I want to go next (from here, from today). Think about it. I am talking about me and my life as I write. No holds barred. I write and then I am able to unlock as the words flow.

Prayer journal – This is my favorite form of journal keeping. Prayer includes praise, thanksgiving, a request for needs to be met, and intercessory prayer for others. As I write my prayer journal, I often find on-the-spot answers. I also experience peace in knowing that I have gone to my maker with my life. I am writing in my quiet place, not so much a prayer closet, but the area where I am removed from distractions and daily life. The full conversation on paper, which flowed from my heart and soul, is grounding.

For me, the health benefits (more than five) that I gain from journal writing make it worth my time. Journal on!



4 thoughts on “5 Valuable Types of Journal Keeping

  1. I’m an intermittent journaler. I wish I did it more. I love to go back and read my old ones. I just found one I kept on my trip to Paris. It was a fun read.


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