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The Value of Partaking in Hobbies

I love hobbies. Hobbies are uplifting because we do what we love without adding any perfection or time pressures. Hobbies are a positive slice in the balance of our lives. The wonderful thing about hobbies is that they can turn into businesses, doing what we enjoy and making money at it. Win-win. Today, I am… Continue reading The Value of Partaking in Hobbies

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5 Values of Journal Keeping

Do you keep a journal? I ventured into journal writing in my pre-teen years. I wrote about animals, ideas, daily life, and I wrote random thoughts of my future on paper. My future dreams were to be a nurse, farmer (reflects my deep love for animals), or an interior designer. My notebook paper journals included… Continue reading 5 Values of Journal Keeping

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Managing Life by what You Value

Are you super busy?  Does your day not feel normal if you aren’t working, or if you aren’t on the go? Do you often feel something is missing in your life? I see myself in all of the above from time to time. We all do. What I have discovered is how my fast paced… Continue reading Managing Life by what You Value