cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-cropped-mary-h-1.pngHave you come out of a toxic relationship? Are you a survivor of narcissistic abuse? Read on …

Hi there. My name is Mary. I am a life coach dedicated to helping women who have departed from (or are still involved in) toxic narcissistic relationships. My mission is to help women heal and see their internal beauty through God’s eyes, as well as the gifts, talents, strengths, and passions that he lovingly provides to each of us.

Do you still feel held back in life from words that your abuser used? I want to help you to break those chains. 

Do you feel different than the rest of the crowd? You should. You are a unique daughter of the most high.

Do you feel people have trouble understanding you, and has this held you back from moving forward with your goals? People who have not directly experienced your exact relationship may not understand. I do. 

Be patient with yourself, and know that you aren’t alone. You can get to where you want to go in life! 

What exactly is life coaching?

It is not therapy, nor is it counseling.

Life coaching involves talking about your goals, your motivations, where you want to be in life, how you feel stuck in place, what your pain points or frustrations are…and more.

A life coach will not tell you what to do (unless you ask for occasional advice). A life coach will not interject their own personal beliefs or opinions into their coaching. Instead, a life coach prompts their clients, through focused question-asking, to think and to discover what they already own and know (think of a key that unlocks and opens the door that was holding you back from healing…or keeping you from reaching a life changing goal).

You have what it takes in you to move forward. My job as a coach is to listen and help you take those first and subsequent steps!

Let’s sit down and have a chat.

You’ve heard the cliche, “It takes one to know one.” It also takes one, someone who has experienced a long-term narcissistic relationship (I have), to help you get above and beyond the roadblocks. We don’t (and often can’t) do this alone. I am convinced.

Who is Mary Humphrey?

I am a certified life and marriage breakthrough coach.

My story: After 27 years behind the desk in a corporate-based career, I became a farmer, a speaker for local functions, a blogger, a small business owner, and I authored several books, stories, and articles for publications. I claim the title (in this blog) Survivor of a Narcissistic Relationship. What I’ve joyfully accomplished in life happened after I walked out of a toxic relationship.

How did I stick with the abuse for 20 years? I was ashamed. Many of us fall into that trap. I did not tell anyone that I was abused. I didn’t tell my own family, nor my own children. I tried to protect my kids from any negativity that might have affected their lives adversely. While I was in the relationship, I did not attempt to reverse any of the damage that I knew he was causing to my personal life. I was afraid that I would lose my children, my home, my job, and my family. I did learn how to move on, eventually.

Look what I did when I shut the door of abuse behind me! I became a new person. We ALL deserve life and happiness. We ALL need to put up boundaries to ensure we are never abused again.

I attribute my work and successes to God. These strengths are not a reflection of me. I was committed, and I obeyed … I give him the glory. God gave me the life experiences that I had to ensure to glorify him through helping women who are in, or recovering from, abusive marriages and relationships.

I work through God’s Word and divine inspiration. Do you have to be Christian to work with me? No! But, I do work through biblical principles.

Mary Humphrey

Christian Life Breakthrough Coach™

Christian Marriage Breakthrough Coach™

Member Biblical Coaching Alliance (BCA)


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Note: If I can do all of this, fly away from abuse and make my dreams come true (I am an introvert and empath by nature), I am convinced every woman has the ability to step over any remnants left from the wake of a toxic relationship.

I believe in living in the now, through self-awareness coupled with determination; I believe in telling and hearing the Truth. I believe in discarding and crushing the lies that slow us down and drain our energy. 

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