Are you an introvert? Are you an INFJ? Read on …

Hi there. My name is Mary. I coach around the obstacles that I’ve navigated in my lifetime and many of those stumbling blocks resulted from my own personality type, INFJ (re: Myers-Briggs Type Indicator MBTI).

Do you feel different than the rest of the crowd? If you’re an INFJ, that’s because you are different. We INFJ’s make up less than 2% of the world’s population.

Do you feel people have trouble understanding you, and has this held you back from moving forward with your goals?

Does your perfectionism gnaw at you until you feel you’ve not learned enough, or are not good enough to bring your dream(s) to fruition?

Does your natural intuition create headaches for you more than it helps?

Are you quietly intense, mostly living in the planning stages of trying something new ALL OF THE TIME?

Let’s sit down and have a chat.

You’ve heard the cliche, “It takes one to know one.” It also takes one, someone very much like you, to help the other one get above and beyond the roadblocks. We don’t do this alone. I am convinced.

Let me be clear, if you aren’t an INFJ, I will still coach you so that you can move forward in life and find lasting change.








Who is Mary Humphrey?

I am a certified life and marriage breakthrough coach.

My story: After 27 years behind the desk in a corporate-based career, I became a farmer, a speaker for local functions, a blogger, a small business owner, and I authored several books, stories, and articles for publications.

It was God who guided me into writing, and in spirit, He persuaded me to discover my life purpose. I was a resister in the sense that I did not feel qualified (Does this sound familiar to you?). I prayed, “Father, I have no degree, I have no special training. I am not equipped!” I quickly learned that I had all of the tools that I needed as long as I obeyed. It was all about trust — faith.

During these monumental steps in my life, I studied my passions, moments of joy, and my times of affirmation, which led me to develop a life and work mission: To help women recognize their God-given gifts, talents, strengths, and passions, and to encourage growth. This became my motto: Share, Encourage and Grow.

I also traveled with my husband across the United States. I gained writing inspiration, and I embraced the open opportunity to meet people, to listen, and to offer words of encouragement. I am no longer surprised when people (strangers) approach me with their life stories, nor with their comments, “I feel I know you.”

When traveling came to an end, I once again focused on my life and work mission. How would I make it a measurable and obtainable goal? The opportunity to formally become a coach surfaced. I remember the day when “The light bulb came on.” I realized that I had already coached so many people throughout my lifetime. The only thing I lacked was formal training, and that came to be.

I attribute my work and successes to God. These things are not a reflection of me. I am simply a witness to the life transformations that I see (and aspire to help grow) in others.

I work through God’s Word and divine inspiration. Do you have to be Christian to work with me? No! But, I do work through biblical principles.

Mary Humphrey

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Note: If I can do all of this, branch out and make my dreams come true, I am truly an introvert by nature, I am convinced everyone has the ability to step over their own hurdles. What is stopping you from reaching your goals today? I am here to help women do exactly that. I believe in living in the now, through self-awareness coupled with determination; to hear the Truth – to discard and crush the lies that slow us down and drain our energy.