Confidential (3)

Currently, I am providing one-on-one private distance coaching sessions consisting of a 45-minute video chat or a 1-hour phone call. 

COVID rates:

The pandemic has placed a great strain on all of us. Because of this, I offer pay what you can afford…just tell me what you can pay, and your offer will be put into consideration. Be honest. I will not judge. We are living in tough times!

My normal rates are $80-$110 a session. My ‘COVID’ rates (at this time, through August 2021) are $40-$55 for a 45 or 60 minute block of time. 

Initial Coaching Session

The Purpose of an Initial Coaching Session:

  • To discover my clients needs, and to identify where I can help
  • To identify any obstacles
  • Provide clarity towards a plan of action and goal setting
  • To get to know you and to decide if we are a good coaching match

This usually results in energy and determination, with the client saying, “I am ready to do this!”

Is homework involved?

A Welcome Packet is emailed to each new client. Each new client will need to answer a few questions. By completing this information, we head into a much smoother first session, into a call that focuses on the clients needs.

Why is your Initial Session not free?

Nothing is really free. My time is not free, neither is data or cellular usage.

Are you worth the initial invest of $25.00? I believe you are! (At this time, the initial discovery session IS free!)

What happens in the Initial Session?

My ears are set on the client – where do they want to be, where do they want to go, what results do they want to see? How does the present situation impact their life, and how will change impact their life? What small steps can be taken at this time? What goals, action steps, can be set to accomplish the wanted end result?

To Sign up for: Initial Session 25-35 minutes, simply contact me and I will respond to your message via email. and I will respond to and I will respond to your message via email.