When God Answers Our Prayers

Testimonial time!

I have once again been reminded that God answers our prayers in ways that we least expect, and we should never expect him to answer our prayers in the manner in which we believe they will be answered.

The key word in my first paragraph above is ‘expect.’ To expect something, we believe it is likely to happen, or that someone or something will arrive soon. While both of these beliefs are biblically correct – we should believe that our prayers will be answered, and we should believe, as Christians, that Jesus is coming, but it is not correct to expect that our prayers will be answered in a way that our human minds imagines it to happen.

I have been praying for two answers for this coaching ministry. It would be unethical for me to tell you what these two things are, but I received answers to both prayer requests yesterday. Yes, all in one day.

The first answer came from a book that I finished. I took a nap afterward, and I woke to revelation. The second answer to prayer came from a YouTube video that I commented on. The YouTube creator published a video that was addressed to me specifically, but he did not give my name. He called me “a lady who is a life coach.” On a side note, I was elated that I gave the man something that he could talk about in his video. Sometimes, topics are hard to come by for creators. But then, the answer to my prayer came through his words.

On a personal note: Big sigh. I have been sick for a week. I do not have COVID-19, which was proven by three negative tests at home, and one in the doctor’s office last Saturday. My husband and I have had it twice, though – once in July 2020 and the second time in July 2022. But, I digress.

Testimonial time again! It seems like when I slow down, usually, when I am sick, I receive revelations. I hear God’s voice once I let go of what troubles me. That is entirely another topic and blog/vlog! I even called in sick today in my personal part-time position, because my eyes are blurry, I am not thinking well, and I do not have a voice (and more). But, here I am, sick…finished my freelance writing client work yesterday and I released myself to get better, and to get it accomplished before Christmas weekend, and within an hour of doing so, I had answers to prayer. Answers to prayer that was long-awaited, concise, and clearly heard!

Sisters, I have always preached that God answers our prayers in three ways; yes, no, and later. But, what I have never said (that I can remember) is that he will answer our prayers in the least way we expect. I should remember this, as I have received answers to prayer in some strange ways and places!

God assures us in Jeremiah 33:3 (NIV): Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.

The answers to my prayers have been unsearchable. I spent precious time searching for what was to come – his response to my prayers within several hours on the same day.

Heavenly Father, There is none other but you. I praise you for being my protector and loving me even when I feel undeserving. You have answered my prayers in your perfect timing and I receive them clearly. The Holy Spirit prompts me to work in your grace but to get the job done that he has directed me to complete. I am honored, and even in the times I feel disqualified, I know that you are my strength, and you have given me the power to step forward. I love you so very much. I lift up my voice in praise! In Jesus’ name, Amen.


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