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Introvert or Extravert? The importance of understanding.

introvert extravert difference www.maryhumphreycoaching.comThe nerd in me loves to consider personality types. I especially love the topic of introverts and extraverts. The most important thing that I have learned when it comes to personality is you cannot change the spots on a leopard. Instead, we need to understand our differences and embrace them.

Do you know which you are, an introvert of an extravert? I am an introvert. I used to beat myself up when I felt tired after what I thought was overly lengthy small talk, or after a long social gathering. So, here’s a few lines that I was told: These traits make you good at writing and psychology. Other independent careers of interest include being an accountant, engineer, computer programmer, or counselor. Note, I am a life coach, writer, bookkeeper, and a virtual assistant. People also say: At times you feel uncomfortable meeting strangers (this is the only trait I disagree with, I love – adore – meeting strangers). You need to challenge yourself in social situations otherwise your introverted behavior holds you back. We all need to watch this!

Stereotypes and pinning personality types on people isn’t fair, nor is it smart, but knowing what our differences are is a boost to each and every one of us. We learn:

  • To accept other personality types. It teaches us to be patient.
  • It teaches us to talk less, and listen, or talk more and practice listening at the same time.
  • To walk closer to the middle of the life’s road rather than in the safety or emergency breakdown lanes.
  • To make wise decisions. To listen, study, and then make decisions.

As entrepreneurs, an introvert might favor a smaller business run out of a home office, with significant amounts of private time. An extravert might feel like climbing the walls with too much quiet time on their hands. Cabin fever?

Introverts are not shy. They do not dislike people. They are great counselors and coaches because these careers and businesses require excellent listening skills.

Extraverts love people. They are energized by people. Extraverts are great in sales, marketing, human resources, pretty much any job where they can stand on their feet and think, literally, verbally at the same time.

An introvert might need to listen, step back, think about situations or ideas, and then come back to them. An extravert is eager, ready to make on-the-spot decisions, give their two cents with little or no thinking time required. This makes me think about what the food experts say, “Everything is okay in moderation.”

How has your life benefitted from knowing or understanding the personalities of others? Has your personality type (introvert or extravert) affected how you manage your career or business?


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